Saturday, November 22, 2008

"The show is up..."

My 40 paintings are up at the "Jaffrey Civic Center" in NH.
The show looks great!
I hope some of you can see it..
The show ends on December 19th.


Kim said...

Congratulations Danielle! This is very exciting, indeed. Between you and Andrea I am so inspired to move forward to find some venue for a show. I will visit your page to see what it is about and possibly I can find a link to the center, too!

This is wonderful, Danielle!

Cestandrea said...

Hi Danielle, congratulations from me too, to your show, I'll be looking forward to see these painting on your website,

Cestandrea said...

Oh, I got it all wrong, I thought you had a site were one can look at these pictures, I went to the Jaffrey Civic Center but apparently they have not yet put up any pictures, I saw your name, though...
anyway, I'm looking forward to see more of it here perhaps soon? That would be so fabulous,

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