Friday, December 18, 2009

It is time to get back to painting!

For the past year due to house renovation and having a new addition to my family - my granddaughter - I have been slightly derailed. Although I did paint, it was not everyday!!! I am beginning again and my resolution for 2010 is to paint everyday... I use two rooms in my house, the tiny dining room which I transformed into an art library/studio; there, I paint my miniatures. The easel is in the sitting room on the north/west side of the house. Now that I am set up I can begin...


Anonymous said...

Ma chère Danielle, quel plaisir d'avoir de tes nouvelles!
And don't worry at all, I know how live can be, and it's always good to go with the flow. Thanks so much for keeping in touch:)
Have a wonderful time, and I'm sure you're be back at painting every day soon. For me it's the same, at the moment I have difficulties in keeping up the painting schedule
you know how Paris gets crazy before Christmas.
A big hug
oh and I have a new blog now:

Joyeux Noël pour toi et ta famille, je t'embrasse très fort
PS: love the easel and the self-portrait

Kim said...


These spaces are so beautiful. I am such a messy worker and can't imagine such beautiful furniture to work upon. You deserve these lovely spaces to work and it is good to have them set up in several places as you can grab a moment from time to time.

It is great to see how different artists work and your space is truly special!