Monday, July 4, 2011

Gerry Friedman talks about his art

I hope you'll enjoy this video.  
His sculptures are wonderful...


sukipoet said...

Hi. I wanted to send you an email. But yr email address is no longer under "contact." I am a blog world friend of Andrea in Paris, Kim, Babs and Lynette. I live in NH and am vaguely thinking of looking at a house for sale in New Ipswich. However, I know nothing about New Ipswich having just driven through it on Rt 123. So wanted to find out about it via yourself. sukipoet(at)gmail(dot) com.

sukipoet said...

Oh yes, am also a long time friend of Frankie Brackley Tolman

D.M. Le Bris said...

Hello Sukipoet :)
Sorry I didn't respond to your email sooner. I have been busy getting ready for the Art Tour. Frankie is also part of the "Fall Foliage Art Studio Tour"on Columbus Day Weekend. Maybe I'll see you in my studio this year - it would be nice to meet you.
I love living in New Ipswich as it is a nice, quite town. I live on Main St. (123A) passed the beautiful historical "Barrett House". New Ipswich is composed of many antique villages. You'll have to drive around to truly appreciate their beauty. Are you looking for an historical house? There is one across the street from me built around 1776 - the owners are getting ready to put it for sale.
I hope to hear from you soon.
Take care.