Sunday, October 27, 2013

Maupiti Island, work in progress

D.M. Le Bris Copyright 2013

I am still working on this encaustic piece.
When I study it I feel that it needs more texture,
particularly at the bottom of the painting.
I have to be careful as I tend to overdo it!

This image came to me from a memory.
During my trip to French Polynesia,
alone, I visited this tiny island not far from Bora Bora. 
I rented an old bicycle and spent the day admiring
and exploring the island's wild beauty.
The wind on my face felt very refreshing as I peddled away.
My lungs were filled with the scented air,
wild flowers surrounding me caressed me with their rare perfume.
I felt free and happy.
I never wanted that bicycle ride to end!
Often I recall that particular day...

Encaustic on Panel
Bee's wax, colored pigments, shellac, transfer
16" x 16"

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