Monday, November 4, 2013

"NH Open Doors" weekend

D.M. Le Bris Copyright 2013

For the firs time, I participated in the NH Open Doors weekend.
I didn't know what to expect 
as I shared my good friend Jessie Pollock's studio. 
Jessie is also an encaustic painter and extremely talented.
I was happily surprised 
to see that a good number of visitors came to visit us on both days.
The weather was sunny and cool 
but perfect for a drive in the country.  
People came from different part of New England 
and were very curious about the encaustic process.
I did enjoy sharing and describing this ancient technique with them.
By the end of the weekend 
I sold four paintings including this large encaustic, displayed above,
which I titled "Brume Matinale".
It was one of my favorite encaustic piece 
and I was a bit sad to see it go.
Our creations are like our children in a way 
and I felt like my child went away!

Encaustic on panel
Bee's wax,  colored pigments, collage, transfer, burned shellac
16" x 16"


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