Tuesday, December 17, 2013

"Flight of the Heron"

D.M. Le Bris Copyright 2013

Many heron land in our small pond during Spring, Summer and Fall.
Yesterday during the snow storm I was thinking of them, 
flying over our house, 
looking for a path through the trees to land safely into the pond.
They are so beautiful! I fell in love with these majestic birds.
I am always excited to watch them standing still,
getting ready to catch a frog or a fish,
almost invisible as they blend into the brush.
Now, my binoculars sit idle on the table,
waiting for Spring to return.
Until then, during this winter,
I will make a series of paintings celebrating their flight.
"The Flight" is the first of the series.

Encaustic on panel
Bee's wax, colored pigments, transfer, collage and burnt shellac.


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