Saturday, January 26, 2008

"Brittany Landscape"

©2008 D.M. Le Bris

As a child, I spent my summer vacations in Brittany, France.
It is a land of dramatic landscapes, mystery, magic and dark legends.
One legend among thousands says Merlin is imprisoned in Broceliande's forest, trapped by Vivianne the Fay (Lady of the Lake). The Broceliande forest is located in central Brittany near the town of Paimpont.

In this painting I tried to capture Brittany's dramatic landscapes, mystery, magic and legends.

Acrylic and collage element on watercolor paper.

8" x 8"
20cm x 20 cm
comes with acid-free mat and 11'x11' frame


Kim said...

Danielle! I adore this one. The drama and stormyness of it is very appealing. As you probably know, I also love the colors! Fabulous work!

Cindy Sue Causey said...


Stumbled upon your work a little bit ago.. It is absolutely wonderful.. I *LOVE* this one (too)..

Peace and best wishes from North Georgia.. :)