Sunday, February 10, 2008

"Snow Storm"

Sculptures ©2008 G.M. Friedman

Today we are going to a local art meeting.
We are leaving behind
two of my husband's metal sculptures in a snow storm.
The sculptures are offering food to our feathered friends.


Kim said...

Danielle! These are really dear...they look as though they do belong. I hear you are really getting some weather up there.

Now, your husband is also an artist! Does he have a blog and/or web site?

dmlebris said...


We are back from the art meeting and food shopping...
The snow was really beautiful today although it was difficult to see ahead of us while driving.
Gerry, my husband, creates metal sculptures.
We have an old web site which we are planning to redesign.
you can see his work at:

I hope you had a lovely Sunday.

Talk to you later.


ANDREA said...

Hi Danielle, the picture is awsome! Those impressive, iron, static sculptures standing there, unimpressed by the snowstorm, offering food to little feathered fluffy flying beings. I love this pictures!

Lynette said...

Danielle, ooooh what a stunning birdfeeder, your husband is so talented! I love to feed the birds too and would love to have a birdfeeder like this!! It sounds like you both had a wonderful day!