Thursday, March 6, 2008

"Treasure Cove"

©2008 D.M. Le Bris

As a school girl,
I would spend some of my summer vacations
on the rugged French Brittany coast.
With my three cousins,
I would spend most of my days
on the beach or climbing the cliffs looking for small grottoes.
In these grottoes, my girl cousin and I would hide our treasures:
shells, colorful stones and sea glass,
while my boy cousins would hide theirs:
dead crabs and other odd dead creatures, old shoes,
rusted metal and old bottles.
We called our hide away "Treasure Cove."
From memory I created this painting
remembering those imaginative years.

Acrylic on archival gesso-board/set on wood

6" x 6"
15cm x 15cm


Kim said...

Danielle, first of all this piece is really fabulous! You can get so much information and pleasure in such a small space. I love the way you have expressed this very special place of your childhood.

I also love the story you have to go with it! You are able to feel through the painting there was some serious fun which happened in this place for you and your cousins. In my mind, I can see you all so very excited each morning to see if your treasures were safe from the day before.

Keep painting...this is wonderful.

dmlebris said...


Thank you, you are always the first one to give me encouragement.
At first I wasn't sure about this piece, but now I feel OK about it.
My cousins and I didn't have much but let me tell you we created the most amazing adventures...


Lynette said...

Danielle, for me this painting depicts the magic of wonderful childhood memories and it's oh so gorgeous!! I love the way it seems to sparkle!

Kim said...

Lynette! It sparkles just like Danielle! You are right!

Danielle, you know as a child I think the best things are the ones you create and imagine. We refused to purchase a lot of inexpensive toys for our children. We didn't buy things they could not participate with or create with and they were of high quality and often wood. My daughter loved (and still loves) dolls. Once when we took a trip, she forgot her doll. She felt sad for just a little while...just until she could make one for herself from a toilet tissue roll, some tissue and marker. She was happy for the trip. She also still remembers that doll! :)

My point is, your childhood was so rich because you and your cousins did for themselves. By-the-way, both of my children are really creative adults.

Thanks for reminding me! By-the-way, you give me so much to be encouraging about!

Cestandrea said...

Danielle, this is magic. I'd like to be there. To go into the grottoes and hide my treasures there or find hidden ones! I love the multitude of colours of the earth, the stone, the water and the sky. It makes me feel comfortable.
Have a wonderful weekend


Danielle, this is SUCH gorgeous art!
You'd better feel more than just 'okay' about it. This one will sell so FAST.
Like has been said before me,,,it's magical, as is the story behind it.